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The ramblings of Nick and Chy
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16th-Jan-2009 12:35 pm - Have You Ever Been Tied Up?
Damn Im Feelin Kinky
Nick was a pretty open guy, he liked to think. He didn't go out telling everything about his personal life that other people didn't need to know, but he thought of himself as personable. A social creature, even. He'd never had any problems flirting. Except for with one person. The object of his affections for nearly the past nine years, Greg Sanders. He'd watched him grow from a Lab Tech to a trainee to a CSI 1, and now he was all the way up to CSI 3. And still, Nick had yet to verbalize his feelings. Sure, he'd slip up once in a while and make a comment that could be easily construed as flirting, or even interest, but never on purpose.

Never until he saw a potential threat. Greg had always had girlfriends. But they were always invisible, ambiguous ideas. Nick had never actually seen any. So as soon as Greg and Riley had started flirting over BDSM, Nick found himself for the first time in fear that if he waited much longer, the new pretty little thing might just steal Greg out from under him. ...Not that Greg was his to have. But with any luck he would be.

So, as their shift ended, Nick found himself alone in the breakroom with Greg, searching for a way to bring up the topic of 'Hey guess what, I'm gay and have been crushing on you for nearly a decade.' What came out was not quite as... concise.

"So... tied up, huh?"
9th-Oct-2008 10:37 pm - New Beginnings
Firefighter tough
The deep yellow light flooded over Nick Stokes as he took another handful of water and brought it to his face. The church bathroom was by no means his favorite place, but it did offer just a moment's retreat from the rest of the crowd. So much pain. So much grief. So much anger.

Nick knew what all of those felt like. Especially the anger.

As he splashed another handful of cold water onto his face, a tap on the door behind him was all the reminder he needed. He cleared his throat before turning and pulling open the door. The man on the other side stood, in uniform, noticing Nick as one of the CSIs who had sat in the front row. He gave a nod to Nick, who nodded in response before sliding past and leaning heavily against the sturdy wall.

The funeral was over. The burial had finished. Catherine had headed home to be with Lindsey. Grissom and Sara had headed off to who-knew where. And Nick had headed back in to rinse his face. He didn't know where to go. But as he stood there, resting, and doing his best not to think, he saw the familiar figure across the corridor and almost smiled.

"...Hey," he said softly, his eyes meeting Greg's.
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